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Yes, when it comes to microdosing and taste!

When you forage or farm wild shrooms, their sizes and species will significantly affect the variance of their psilocybin content, and it can be challenging to make consistent doses. On the other hand, each gummy contains the exact amount of psilocybin per piece, and you will not under or overdose.

The key to successful microdosing is consistency. If you take less than a previous dose, you might overcompensate with an extra amount. If you unmindfully increase your measure, you might end up having a high tolerance to psilocybin.

With gummies, you are sure that you are taking the same amount of psilocybin, 125mg (MICRO dose) or 250mg (LOW dose), each time you microdose. Plus, it doesn’t taste bad like raw mushrooms.

Yes, psilocybin gummies are excellent for your microdosing needs. Not only do they taste way better than raw shrooms, but they contain consistent amounts of psilocybin.

When you have consistent metered doses of psilocybin, you avoid risking yourself to overdosing and building a tolerance for the compound. The last thing you want to happen is having to take vast amounts of the chemical just to experience its effects.

Think of microdose gummies as better-tasting, more uniform versions of psilocybin mushrooms, because that’s precisely what they are. Our psilocybin gummies are made with 100% pure organic psilocybin extracted from hand-picked magic mushrooms.

Due to the legal sensitivity of shroom and psilocybin products, our online store can only deliver to mainland Canada, including British Columbia, Ontario, Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Montreal, Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

We are careful not to cater to individuals outside of our international borders as most jurisdictions heavily penalise possession of psychedelics, including magic mushrooms and psilocybin products.

If you are in Canada, we will ship your order right at your doorstep fast, convenient, and safe. You can expect your discreet package within one to three working days, with your items in excellent condition.

Yes, they are made from shrooms. We extract pure psilocybin from naturally-grown, organic, hand-picked magic mushrooms and mix it with select ingredients and flavourings to create the tasty gummy treats.


The end product has no raw or dried mushroom matter in its contents, but rather 100% natural and clean psilocybin extracted from nature.

With gummies, you no longer have to bear with the ‘off’ taste of psychedelic mushrooms. Raw shrooms can be significantly odorous, and dried ones can be leathery and difficult to chew.

Microdose easily with psilocybin gummies.

The expert-prescribed way to microdose using psilocybin gummies is by starting low and keeping it down as much as possible. You can begin by purchasing a bottle of MICRO-dose (125mg) gummies from our store.

When your product arrives, take one gummy in the morning. The effects will last you the whole day and will tail up to two days later.

When one to two days have passed, you can take another one in the morning. Doing so will help you avoid messing up your sleeping pattern.

You can go back and forth between your starting dose and a higher LOW-dose as you gain experience.

Tasty & Effective Psilocybin Gummies

Don’t like the taste of raw or dried shrooms? Microdose with tasty psilocybin treats! These edible magic gummies are made for microdosing – easy and fun to ingest and have consistent psilocybin content for an efficient and practical experience.

High-Quality Edibles

Our magic gummies have ZERO bad shroom taste as we use pure psilocybin extract from the raw material.

Efficient Shipping

If you are anywhere in mainland Canada, we will send your order fast, convenient, and secure, to your doorstep.

Guide & Support

Afraid you might do it wrong? Our site is chock-full of guides, advice, and articles that will help you with your psilocybin journey.

MICRO-dose Psilocybin Gummies

First time microdosing? Start low – that’s what experts say. The safest way to microdose is by using our 125mg serving psilocybin gummies for consistent doses in a yummy and convenient package.

LOW-dose Psilocybin Gummies

Microdose using our higher psilocybin content gummies. Our LOW-dose 250mg edibles will give you the hit that you need. Get this product for a consistent and clean, sweet psilocybin experience.

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Find the right psilocybin product for you. We have made microdosing convenient by providing easy-to-use edibles and ingestible products that we can ship fast right at your doorstep. Browse our menu. 

Psilocybin Liquid

Want a faster hit? The body metabolises psilocybin liquid almost immediately after ingestion, and you won’t have to wait longer for the effects and benefits to come when microdosing.

Shroom Capsules

Our microdose pills contain pure dried ground shrooms contained in food-grade capsules for easy ingestion. Take your psilocybin ‘vitamins’ in the morning for an anxiety-free and stress -free day.

Microdosing Guide

Our website is packed with vital information that you will need in your psilocybin journey. Take advantage of the full benefits of microdosing and psilocybin use with our expert advice, guides, news, and articles. 

How it Works


Browse Our Menu

Our menu has a  wide variety of psilocybin microdose products. We have psilocybin gummies, capsules, and liquid edibles that are safe for your microdosing needs. Take psilocybin consistently and comfortably with our products and avoid the unpleasant taste of raw shrooms. We have MICRO and MACRO dose options for starters and experienced users.


Order Your Dose

If you are a newbie in the psilocybin world, it would be wise not to rush into things. Order the MICRO-dose gummies which contain enough psilocybin for you, at a consistent 125mg per serving. If you are looking for a more robust delivery system, buy the LOW-dose option which contains 250mg servings, recommended for more experienced users.


Fast & Safe Delivery

We ship anywhere in Canada, and you can expect your order to come right at your doorstep one to three days after your checkout. If you reach $149 worth of total orders, we will ship your deliverables for FREE. We ensure the safe and secure handling of your order with discreet packaging and labelling for your privacy.


Microdosing Guide

When your package arrives, you can be sure that you then have tasty psilocybin gummies that you can use for a consistent and enjoyable microdosing experience. To see to it that you are using the product correctly and experiencing the full potential of microdosing, come back to our website for advice, guides, and stories that you can learn from.


Experience Happiness

We are sure that you will be happy with our edibles. Our gummies are made to suit your taste and microdosing needs. Enjoy better stress-free and no-anxiety days with our psilocybin gummies – no more hassle of measuring out odorous raw and dried products that taste bad. You can microdose without the trouble.

Delicious Microdosing With Gummies!

Better Microdosing

Our psilocybin edibles are the best-tasting delivery system in the market. Microdose with gummies today!

No Shroom Taste

We create this fantastic product by extracting 100% clean and pure psilocybin from organic shrooms.

Consistent Delivery

Our MICRO (125mg) and LOW (250mg) doses will give you consistent psilocybin content for safe microdosing.

The Magic World of Shrooms

Amazing Benefits of Psilocybin

Breakthrough relief from anxiety and stress.

Microdosing Resources

Use the resources on our website. We have the best guides, advice, articles, and learning media that you can use to widen your knowledge about shrooms, psilocybin, and microdosing. Check our guides page.


After years of scientific research, it is now general knowledge that psilocybin helps people in the relief of stress and anxiety. If you are struggling with your daily mood, you can help yourself by microdosing.

Amazing Therapeutic

Since the scientific discovery of shrooms, experts have been experimenting with psilocybin to find its health effects. Today, we know that it is a breakthrough therapy for people suffering from depression.

Metaphysical Awakening

In ancient times, our ancestors have been using shrooms as entheogens to awaken their spirituality and become closer to gods and nature during religious ceremonies. Awaken your soul with psilocybin.

Medicinal Microdosing

Lab tests and experiments have proven psilocybin to be effective in reducing fear, anxiety, and stress. It resets and rebalances the depressed brain so that individuals return to a happier state of mind.

Casual Use

When you use shrooms and psilocybin products to have a trip, you will experience psychedelic visuals and auditory hallucinations while having a heightened feeling of euphoria and while the high can be intense, you will not become addicted to the substance.