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We sell innovative psilocybin delivery products for efficient, convenient, and safe microdosing. We also have the best microdosing guides on our website.

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We sell flavoured psilocybin gummies containing 100% psilocybin extract mixed with candy ingredients. Each bottle contains orange and grape flavoured gummies. One gummy is one serving or dose. We also have psilocybin liquid drops that use the same extract but formulated into an ingestible ‘vitamin’ fluid. You can choose between lemon, grape, and cherry formulas. 3ml of the liquid stands for one serving or dose. Lastly, we have shroom capsules that contain powdered dried psilocybe cubensis in a pharmacy-grade pill. One pill is equivalent to one serving or dose. Each product comes in two psilocybin concentrations, Microdose with 125mg psilocybin and Low Dose with 250mg per serving or dose. We offer 30ml bottles good for one month’s use.  
Yes, our psilocybin products are made with psilocybin extracted or taken from magic mushrooms. Our products are synthetic and all-natural in origin and are merely mixed with ingredients rather than artificially processed. We do not use synthetically produced psilocybin in our products and edibles. Our laboratory has perfected psilocybin extraction from magic mushrooms. We can get 100% pure and clean psilocybin which allows us to make products that do not have the disgusting taste of psilocybin mushrooms. Our capsules are made with ground dried psilocybin mushrooms and food-grade casing.  

If you avail of $149 worth and above of our psilocybin products, we will ship your order to your house for free.

We ship via Xpresspost and give you a tracking number that you can use on our package monitoring page. You can expect your order to come within 2-4 business days.  

We cannot export goods to the United States, Britain, Australia, Asia, or any other nation outside Canada. Our supplies have an inherent legal risk resulting from their identification as psychoactive drugs or psychedelics, and some localities classify or mark psilocybin as tabu or illicit.

We will not ship psilocybin products outside Canada to ensure the safety of our business and our customers.

We only ship to all of Canada, including British Columbia, Ontario, Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Montreal, Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.